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To create Professional Sewing Patterns.

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Making bodices with and without darts means having the basis for making blazers, shirts and delightful dresses with skill and creativity.

To become a pattern maker, the first thing to do is create the paper pattern, i.e. the cardboard base that will determine the shape of the item of clothing you want to make, knowing the fabric first. The professional figure who creates paper patterns is called pattern maker and is a specific role that differs according to the product sector covered. In clothing, the pattern maker develops paper patterns which are characterized by the study of measurements (sizes and proportions), details and particular processes and often in some companies interacts directly with the designer. The pattern maker, in addition to creating the paper pattern, carries out the size development, must know the placement methods to correctly distribute the parts of the pattern on the fabric, reducing costs allowing mass production and must create the technical technical sheets.

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The advantage of creating paper patterns is in obtaining fit and quality through the acquisition of an effective method in practical video lessons.

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