Online Pattern Maker Courses: Create Sewing Patterns with Step-by-Step Video Lessons

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Do you want to become a pattern maker and create professional sewing patterns? Take part in our pattern making courses active 7/24.

What are you waiting for to learn the best pattern development technique starting from scratch. With the support of expert professors, he creates technical paper patterns with excellent wearability. Here at Fashion Academy Online you can prepare the basis for each product.

Welcome to Fashion Academy Online! Discover our Pattern Maker Courses to become a professional pattern maker. Learn to create patterns and tailor-made fashion garments, perfect for those aspiring to enter the fashion industry or refine their fashion design skills. Join us to gain advanced technical skills and turn your passion for fashion into a successful career. Explore our flexible courses and start your journey to success in the fashion world today.


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Enroll in pattern making courses on Fashion Academy Online, featuring user-friendly educational programs. Learn from comprehensive video lessons created by professionals, providing detailed explanations to help you easily create any part of the pattern. Obtain well-fitting patterns in all desired sizes effortlessly.

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Online Pattern Making Course: Create Paper Patterns with Step-by-Step Video Lessons

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You can create your sewing pattern by watching video lessons available 24/7.

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start now and create the selected sewing pattern

Discover our pattern making courses and develop the pattern of your choice by following in-depth video lessons with the support of industry professionals. If you prefer a more comprehensive approach, you can enroll in our Master Program to become a Specialist Pattern Maker. This program includes 51 video lessons spread over a flexible online course, lasting 6 months or 1 year, available 24/7. Join the TCI Fashion Academy and start your journey towards a successful career in pattern making today!

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