Pro Pack 30% Skirts Tailoring Patterns


  • Access to video lessons 24/7
  • Support from professional teachers
  • Frequency 1 Month 1 Teacher Request
  • Frequency 4 Months 10 Teacher Requests
  • Final test and review of the paper patterns
  • Download the certificate of participation


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Pro Pack Skirts Pattern Making Course

Online Course

4 Months Of Attendance

Make any model using the three basic skirt sewing patterns by taking advantage of this pack of video lessons dedicated exclusively to skirts with a 30% off. In this Pattern Making course you create patterns for professional technical skirts that are also suitable for transferring to cad. Seven patterns to make in a course of video lessons that you can follow by choosing the frequency of one month or 4 months. What changes? Only the time you have available and the price.


Sewing Patterns

Pencil Skirt - Flared Skirt - Circle Skirt 

The Pro Pack Online Skirts Pattern Making Course allows you to make 7 skirt patterns in 4 months or 1 month with free 24/7 access to the video lessons. In this professional pattern-making package, you create patterns in the sizes you want, following in-depth video lessons with descriptive captions and a downloadable teaching program. With Fashion Academy Online you have no attendance limits because the lessons are on demand and you can access them from your control panel at any time.
Learning how to make different types of skirts allows you to understand the diversity of model variations. In fact, the model maker does not limit himself to making changes to an existing model but contributes to determining its style and wearability. Starting from these 7 basic skirt patterns you can make any model. Through the Pro Pack Skirts Pattern Making Course, combining methodology and practice, you will not only be able to create shapes but fashion products.

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The course consists of:

  • 24 video lessons for the construction of skirt patterns (1 pencil skirt, 1 flared skirt, 4 full skirts)
  • E-BOOK – Pattern Making. Skirts Sewing Patterns
  • review of sewing patterns
  • final quiz
  • certificate of attendance
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Per pagamenti con carta di credito l’attivazione del corso è immediata.
The student will obtain the Certificate of Professional Pattern Maker for Skirts following:
  • of the observation of the video lessons by the student who purchases the course

  • of the realization of the pattern in real size as a description in the video lessons

  • of the loading in the reserved area of the models made through photos with a measurement detector

  • after passing the written test by the student who purchased the course

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