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Transform Your Ideas into Fashion: Discover the Online Courses at Fashion Academy!

Attend fashion courses online through video lessons supported by industry professionals. Here you can learn how to create a garment, starting from pattern making, and become an integral part of the fashion system.

In the fashion industry, only in Italy, there are about 400,000 employees. The development of companies today increasingly requires specialized skills. Fashion may seem ephemeral, but like other sectors, the best products on the market require knowledge and technique to be developed. This is why it is important, if you truly wish to create fashion designs, that you learn the profession of pattern making from industry experts.

The role of pattern making technician can be learned through the Fashion Academy TCI platform. With our team of experts, you can attend online fashion courses that are effective, easy to follow, and thorough in both theoretical and practical aspects. Our expertise and learning methods have never been more accessible! With us, you can attend professional and flexible online fashion courses through on-demand video lessons. The courses have durations of 1 month or 4 months per individual module, and 6 months, 12 months, or unlimited access for master programs.

With online fashion courses for clothing and accessories, you can choose and create the training path that best suits your needs. Put your projects and creativity into practice, with the support of professional instructors who interact with you during the online lessons. This will help you overcome any doubts and obtain a certificate of participation or a professional attendance certificate. Click on the fashion course of your interest, select the duration and the language in which you want to learn your profession, confirm, and start right away.

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