Fashion Academy philosophy

professional courses to work in fashion

At the TCI fashion academy you will find professional technical courses because fashion is made up of: creativity and technique.

Our learning philosophy is to enable anyone to achieve knowledge and know-how through intuitive methods.

The online fashion courses are developed and delivered by industry professionals with twenty years of experience so that you can complete the training course with the best result.

Lesson plans consisting of video lessons and learning manuals integrate theory and practice.

The tutors available during the courses allow you to interact in times of need through chat and e-mail, reviewing and correcting the projects carried out.

Online fashion courses allow anyone to carry out projects using method and precision.

Fashion academy - TCI, is the best online training platform in fashion because it combines technique and remote practice and is available 24/7.

Once the online fashion courses have been completed, each training course undertaken involves the issue of the professional certificate, which can be downloaded directly from your account.