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The TCI Fashion Academy is the only specialized training entirely online and on demand, in design and communication for the sectors: clothing, textiles and accessories. TCI is the acronym for Training Center International, i.e. the online and international evolution of CDM Corsi Di Moda, the fashion academy founded in Milan by Haidy Cellamare in 2006.

The TCI professional e-learning training is organized and promoted by professionals to facilitate the acquisition of methods and techniques of the fashion sector, through comprehensive video lessons and educational programs that can be downloaded from your personal account with a simple download.

This is the training you have always wanted and that allows you to manage your time as you see fit. 


Fashion Today Is Sustainability and Technology

The online fashion academy allows intensive and efficient preparation to always be up to date and ready to face the changes in the sector you want to undertake, without time and space limits, for a totally personalized attendance on your interests and respecting the environment.

ABOUT US fashion academy HAIDY CELLAMARE Art Director TCI online

The Founder

dr. Haidy Cellamare

Founder of the Milan fashion school called CDM (acronym of Corsi Di Moda), recognized as Italian excellence, since 2006 the Director Haidy Cellamare has been the creator of specialized courses sold in training packages divided by type of profession.

Recognized as a fashion expert by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Haidy Cellamare first obtained a diploma with the highest rating as a Fashion Designer and then graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan), taught and worked for various companies and important magazines, with responsibilities in the same sectors in which it has decided to provide technical and specialist courses, with the aim of training new talents and disseminating skills in step with the changes taking place.

The birth of the fashion academy – TCI originates from the partnership with the technical expert Gianluca Gaggioli and from the mutual interest of wanting to promote a totally open and innovative type of professional training, in step with the philosophy of Doctor Carl Rogers and in tune with the epochal change we are experiencing, where through information technology we can promote E-learning training to allow anyone to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in an intuitive way within everyone’s reach.